' Work Vineyard - Our Story

Our Story

Still alive are fond images of grand parents’ homemade wines….the texture of an old wooden armoire that stored empty bottles…. the heady aroma of the old cellar where the finished wine was stored.  I can still see the bottles of non-vintage, non-labeled wine on Mom’s bountiful Christmas table, waiting for prayers to finish so they could be opened and the fruit of our family labor enjoyed.

Relaxing at a riverboat restaurant on the other side of the world, February of ’82, sipping a fine vintage paired with meat delicacies grilled to perfection…..the gentle sway of the boat swirling the wine in my crystalline goblet, with sun caressing my face and dreams afloat in my mind.

Immigration to America in late 1985, like everyone before me; my heart full of passion to “work” and to bring the world-renowned American Dream to life.

Destiny was met in 2007 with the opportunity to purchase “Work “ Vineyard in beautiful Napa Valley, CA. Sitting majestically just to the north of our vineyard is Mt. Saint Helena, a 4300 foot cluster of volcanic peaks. Eons of erosion of Mt. St. Helena’s volcanic terrain formed the rich alluvial plain, upon which Work Vineyard sits.

Our Vineyard has two soil types; the Northwest corner of Work Vineyard is more gravelly and rocky Bale loam content, while the predominant soil, being Clay loam, combined with a climate that allows the grapes to be picked fully ripe, with a prefect balance.

What the french call “Terroir” the soil, the temperature and the climate- combine to allow our vineyard the unique microclimate to produce grapes true to the type, and is responsible for producing Napa Valley’s iconic varietal, the exquisitely rated Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

Family is the core of our growth, our collaboration; our quality. We honor our beloved and our collective commitment by dedicating each of our wines to a family member by name.

Enjoy our “Work” of art in a bottle.